The iPhone App Store
Tap into the App Store and you’ll find applications in every category—from games to business, education to entertainment, productivity to social
networking. Applications for iPhone take advantage of its groundbreaking features such as Multi-Touch, GPS, and the accelerometer. And they
can all be downloaded wirelessly to your iPhone.  Applications developed for iPhone and iPod Touch by AIM APPS are available on the App
James Steidl
Photographer James Steidl
was recently ranked the 30th
most downloaded
photographer in the world with
customers including  CNN,, The Hammond
World Atlas (cover), Popular
Science, Yahoo (front page),
Vacations to Go and nearly a
half-million others. James is
co-founder, principal
photographer and Chief Photo
Editor of AIM APPS.   
official developer of
photography and
wallpaper applications
for iPhone and iPod
AIM APPS is a collaboration
between  American Information
Marketing, LLC, a media
company and iPhone
application developer, and
James Group Studios, Inc, a
digital photography and stock
photo agency.